A little late to the table with this one, but here are some captures from our first-day walk through Thessaloniki.

Walking into a kind of town center, we passed the Arch of Galerius and made our way toward the Rotunda, also known as the Greek Orthodox Church of Agios Georgios, two stunning remnants of 4th-century Greece that stand as ruined reminders of the country’s grandiose past.

Looking out over the port, I was reminded of the city’s status as a key trading city, and an instrumental aspect of Greco-Russian relations in the 21st century, as well as a technically stunning merger of seaside industry and small-town activity. It seems that everything is going on in Thessaloniki, provided that you know where to look – the ruined and graffiti-adorned buildings are evidence of its sprawling history, and its bustling life among those ruins is blazing proof of the city’s modern significance.

Oh, and those two awestruck colleagues? That’s Isabelle Hahn with the faraway look and Suma Hussein with the photogenic pastry. They’re both awesome.