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NU Journalism Abroad - Greece 2017

A group of Golden Dawn members at a rally in Athens in 2015.
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Creative Commons

Story by Isaac Feldberg ·

THESSALONIKI, Greece – The footage begins as Ilias Kasidiaris – a tall man with a forceful gaze and a swastika tattoo – berates Parliament over planned austerity cuts. Teeth bared and neck muscles bulging beneath the collar of a well-tailored suit, the spokesman for neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn tears through his sentences as if meting out blows in a boxing ring.

For Kasidiaris and Golden Dawn, ferocity is a strategy. With clenched fists and thundering voice, Kasidiaris is his party personified, a hyper-masculine symbol of the seething anger of those who feel a crisis-stricken Greece has failed them. In him and Golden Dawn, disillusioned voters have discovered an apoplectic release.

In the news reel, Kasidiaris flinches mid-tirade; a fellow Parliament member, of the conservative New Democracy…

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