All of us faithful Dialoguers are only just now returning home to our families, friends, beds, dogs, cats, and Grindr Xtra accounts (@Luke), which means it’s time to award the inaugural, quinquennial NU Journalism in Greece 2017 Dot WordPress Dot Com Awards.

(Ouzo was purchased to be awarded as a tangible, likely toxic marker of each award, but amid the furor of the last days, the awards were not read aloud in time, nor were these bottles of Greek liquor distributed. Instead, in honor of you all, I will be downing one small bottle of ouzo today for every award I type out here. I have taken the precaution of writing my Greek burner phone number in sharpie on my hand, though given that said phone is still somewhere snapped in half in the bowels of the Hotel Titania, I’m not sure how effective a precaution this will be. Oh well.)

And now, without further ado, I present to you the NU Journalism in Greece 2017 Dot WordPress Dot Com Awards.

As always, I invite you all to present alternatives and additions or just get good, old-fashioned Mad Online™ in the comments below.

Most Likely to Get Lost

DSC_0094Bradley Fargo

Most Tenacious

DSC_0463.jpgHsiang-yu Wu


DSC_0101.jpgAlexa LaVersa

Best Teachers’ Assistant On This Particular Dialogue

DSC_0278Danny “Daddy” Mortimer

The Sunny Side Up Award For Optimism

DSC_0195.jpgSophie Cannon

The “Leave Room for Jesus!!” Award For Best Couple

img_9068Bradley Fargo and Alexa Laversa

Worst Roommate 

DSC_0111Luke Dean

Most Likely to Start A Bar Fight / Best Mom

DSC_0789.jpgEllie Williams

Most Disapproving (aka the “Taking In” Greece Special Honor)

DSC_0204.jpgPaxtyn Merten

Sweetest (Escape)

DSC_0630.jpgGwen Schanker (née Stefani)

Most Likely to Succeed in Business Journalism Without Really Trying [A/N: She tries very hard, and also loves musical theatre]

DSC_0129.jpgIsabelle Hahn

Best “Will They/Won’t They/Oh Whoops They Did” Pairing

(THREE-WAY TIE) Sydne Mass & David Harbeck / Olivia Arnold & Isabelle Hahn / Isaac Feldberg & Luke “Houseboy” Dean

Best Fake Zoolander

DSC_0460David Harbeck

Best Fake Zoolander’s Love Interest

DSC_0163Sydne Mass

Most Lovable Nark

DSC_0044Olivia Arnold

The Mad Online™ Award

DSC_0100.jpgBrandon Carusillo

Biggest Badass

DSC_0424.jpgSuma Hussien

Best Nickname

DSC_0384Amasia Major Lazer (for Asia Palomba)

Most Lovable Screw-Up

DSC_0085.jpgLuke Dean

Biggest Smash Mouth Super-Fan

DSC_0332Olivia Arnold

Best Clique

DSC_0684.jpgThe Grads (pictured without Cody, as when they are all together it’s literally impossible for me to find them)

Most Italian

DSC_0199Brandon Carusillo

Calmest Under Pressure

DSC_0297.jpgBridget Peery

The Casanova Award for Musicianship

DSC_0130.jpgCody Mello-Klein

Most Sensuous Consumption of Ice Cream

DSC_0007Danny “Daddy” Mortimer

The Step Up 2 Award For Best Street Dancing

DSC_0235Isabelle Hahn


DSC_0225Alexa LaVersa

Most Sacrilegious

DSC_0079Luke Dean

NBC’s “The Voice” Award

DSC_0049Professor Mike Beaudet

Lifetime Achievement Award in Putting Up With All Of Us And Keeping A Smile On Her Face While Doing It

DSC_0329Professor Carlene Hempel (pictured with Olivia “Dearie” Arnold)


And as selected by the will of the masses:

Most Jewish / Most Painful Aware [sic] / Most Likely to Associate With Nazis While Being Jewish / Most Likely To Get A Rash

DSC_0512.jpgIsaac Feldberg